Stickman 5.6

Draw awesome stickman animations

Stickman is a 2D animation tool that places cool animations and short films at the fingertips of most users. View full description


  • Includes lots of ready-to-use material
  • Video tutorials
  • Hours of entertainment to be had


  • Quite difficult to use at the beginning
  • Not many sharing options

Very good

Stickman is a 2D animation tool that places cool animations and short films at the fingertips of most users.

Stickman includes a vast catalog of ready-to-use backgrounds, figures and all kinds of elements. Some are available offline, while to access others, you'll need to be online. There is also a default example animation, which is perfect for starting out, and you can always draw your own.

Stickman opens with a selection of options, including tutorials, videos and the option to open existing programs. We'd recommend watching some tutorials and classes first - Stickman's a great program, but you'll need to put some effort in before you feel comfortable with the program.

Getting help

In general, animation programs are hard to get a handle on, and Stickman's no exception. It offers huge possibilities, but becomes a little complex as a result. You'll be able to create fun animations, that's for sure, but not without putting some work in. Luckily, the program comes with a 30-day trial, which is perfect to give it a whirl, discover all the features, animation mechanisms and extras, and decide if it's the one for you. We think it's definitely worth a shot!

Stickman is a complex - and not the most modern of its type - program, but a little work will allow you to produce awesome stick animations in no time at all.


  • New speech bubble tool in Stickman
  • New image paint action added to Elemento
  • Export of animation data for use in game engines added to Stickman
  • Quick Character enabled directly in the Add Stickman Dialog
  • You can now create figures in Elemento based on a figure from the library
  • using File->New Based On...
  • Stdoc tutorials are made easier to navigate
  • Added howtos to work area
  • Tools are now faster
  • Easier to set offset in animation
  • Selected frame is animated under preview
  • Trial expanded to 30 days
  • Saving disabled in trial version
  • News removed from startup dialog
  • "New Figure" menu added to Stickman
  • "New Scene" menu added to Elemento
  • "Create Character" renamed to "Quick Character"
  • Quick Character is improved
  • Bug fixed in curve tool


Stickman 5.6

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  • Frost Mines

    by Frost Mines

    "gffffff nice"

    nice it awesome. More.

    reviewed on August 21, 2017

  • o0Bloodrage0o

    by o0Bloodrage0o


    the fukin awesome and the rule the world of cartoons. so i deciided to make a stik man carton. so for ever watches this ... More.

    reviewed on May 1, 2010